Saturday, November 1, 2008

my disclaimer

once (not too long ago, in fact), i made a joke to a couple of girlfriends about how they must do nothing but read blogs all day since they talked about them so often.

back then, i had only one blog, a secret nerd blog that i share with my sister...who's wonderful and doesn't think we should be so secretive at all about being nerds. oh, and another blog about my daughter, which is really just a convenient location to store some emails.

so i had two. but i didn't read any.

then i started another one, with my mommy friends. right about the same time as i started reading a few.

and i read a few more. every day. usually more than once.

but i find there are still some things i want to put Out There that don't belong on any of my other blogs.

so now this one.

this is just about me: my thoughts, my family, my pictures (lots of those). i'm not telling anyone about it, not yet. if you're reading this, either 1) you found it accidentally (so maybe you should just pretend you never did and click back away to where you started) or 2) i think it's okay now, so i told you about it. either way, it's just about me.

and that's my disclaimer.

1 comment:

Meredith said...

I did this once, D. I had it up for a few months. I took it down, and I don't remember why, because I enjoyed it. You should keep this one up!