Friday, September 25, 2009

colorful thoughts

as i drove home from dropping luke off at school today, i passed a group of six people out for a morning walk. what was unusual about this group was that each one was wearing a single-colored shirt. no stripes, no logos, no patterns. the shirts were all different--one wore a tank top, one a t-shirt, one a long-sleeved shirt--and they were not some kind of team or group who planned what to wear for one reason or another. the colors were different, but all colors, bright or faded: no white or black or gray among them. it was like a walking rainbow.

is it strange that i noticed them, and even stranger that i suspect there's a reason i did?

maybe i have colors on my mind because i went to parent night last night at school. luke's teacher told us that they have been talking about colors this week, and she shared with us some books they have read about crayons and colors. or maybe it's because luke was supposed to wear his favorite color to school today, and when i asked him what it was so i could help him pick out his clothes, he said, "i don't know. you'll just have to choose my favorite color for me." (really, dear child? mr. independent?) maybe it's because i left the house this morning--in a rush, rush, rush, as seems to always be the case these days--in brown sweatpants, a gray t-shirt, and a black bandanna. (that's some variety for me, by the way, from my usual just-plain-black or brown.) colors aren't really my thing.

is it too much to share here that i haven't noticed many colors lately? probably so. i'll leave it at that, then--think of it what you will--and I'll just be grateful for the gift of that group of walkers this morning.

(in case you were curious, i refused to choose luke's favorite color for him. he chose green. but he told me later that, having thought about it, his favorite color was in fact pink, which he was embarrassed to admit. and anyhow, he doesn't own any pink clothing. so he went with his second favorite. and so it begins. sigh.)


Cortney said...

what happened to yellow?

Meredith said...

That's just what I was going to write, Cortney! He used to love "lellow"

Patricia Berman said...

Pink???? REALLY???? And as I recall, you HATE pink!

Rebecca said...

Will's favorite color is pink. He loves that it's pink. He flaunts that it's pink. When it was time to buy school supplies, he chose a hot pink binder in the largest size.

He's 13 years old and not insecure at all.

I hate hot pink. Hate it.

Daniele said...

Never been a pink girl, myself. Well, that's not true...not in many, many, many years. But it turns out that, during show and tell, Luke told the class that his favorite color was pink but he wore green since he didn't have a pink shirt. Good boy. I think if he hears that it's Will's favorite, he'll never look back.