Thursday, December 24, 2009


laundry chutes
real fisher price little people
delightfully too many presents
big black dogs (one too few this year)
all-you-can-eat treats
sugar cereal and bagels with lox for breakfast
cousins cousins cousins galore
basements with fun secrets
play slaves (aka certain aunties who will remain nameless)
munna munnas
never-quick-enough family photographs (on the porch! in the cold! in the snow! hurry up!)
fun steamy stall showers
babies in stockings
noogies (is that how you spell it? should be)
never-too-much muchering

that's what grandparents' houses are made of. (oh, and there's more, i just know it.)


Meredith said...

Uncle Noogie and Auntie Play Slave agree... :-)

Hannah said...

I've always craved a laundry chute. If I ever "hit it big," I'm getting a house with a laundry chute!