Tuesday, January 26, 2010

seen in my closet

yes, that's a very skinny, wiry monkey...wearing pirate boxers.

and in case you were hadn't figured it out, he's the one being strong; i'm the one being calm (ish) and grateful.

(i don't doubt that my mother-in-law has some photos resembling this one of sam. i'll stash these away in case a future wife [mercy!] needs some warning of what to expect...that is, after all, sam's chin-up bar from which he's hanging. where do you think he got the idea?)


TwoSquareMeals said...

I think we need one of those at our house. (I meant the chin up bar, not the boy...though he is a keeper.)

krista lucas photography said...

hee hee. i love luke.

Meredith said...

He is a monkey, isn't he?

Hannah said...

Was I ever that thin?!!!