Saturday, May 22, 2010

as for what's up there

it's pentecost sunday tomorrow, the end of the easter season and the start of ordinary (as in "ordinal" or counted) time. thus the new blog header. (i never did intend for my blog headers to keep up with the church calendar, by the way, but i take a lot of pictures, and so it doubles as an excuse to use them somewhere!)

i will perhaps have some thoughts on pentecost, i imagine. but for now, that's what the header's about.


Meredith said...

Did you take that?? Insanely gorgeous!

Daniele said...

Yeah, at Katie's wedding, actually. It was an amazing place, up on a hill, overlooking farms in a valley...I just got lucky.

Laura L. said...

You take way too many awesome pics. these days to get away with that "got lucky" excuse, my friend! :) Maybe you should have your own photography business. That would be a cool side gig! haha