Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in memory (in photographs)

beautiful and temporal. unique, each one. handmade. carefully chosen. well-worn and loved and frayed. a delightful, fragile gift. just like each of these prayer bracelets, lovingly crafted in honor of you by your dad's sweet colleague and students, that's what you were on earth, my beautiful daughter.

washed white as snow. complete. not damaged, not frayed or worn, never to be. a pure gift. just like these bracelets, crafted by the same after your death, that's what you are now in eternity, my sweet girl.

shining. permanent. reflecting the light. perfect and impossible to ruin. a heart-warming gift. just like this bracelet, lovingly designed by your nana and papa, that's what you are now, forever, my beloved.

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Cortney said...

"but if i despise what i am, i hate what He planned"

Thank you my friend - I needed to hear this. A few days ago, I red this book to my kids for the first time in a while and it touched my heart. You bring it to another level.