Friday, November 27, 2009

seven quick bits...& just one more

where i've been, or why i've not been here:

  1. turkey (with gravy, of course)
  2. stuffing (mom's specialty)
  3. mashed potatoes (not a lump in sight)
  4. cranberry sauce (delightfully tart)
  5. asparagus (roasted: uh-huh)
  6. pumpkin tart with walnut streusel (pretty and so good)
  7. french silk mousse pie (oh, yes: with homemade whipped cream)

& just one more: leftovers (the best part).

sound familiar? (i'll be back after the food coma.)


Cortney said...

where is the bread? oh, the turkey.

Patricia Berman said...

So good...I want a turkey sandwich!