Sunday, February 7, 2010

and as for what preschoolers know

"ms. daniele," she asked, "do you ever get sad when you think about eliza and miss her?"

we were "watching" the superbowl, she eating tortilla chips with "wine" (that is, lime), and apparently, something made her think of eliza. so she asked. no apology, no explanation; she just asked. an exceptionally articulate three-year-old she is now, she who was once more fascinated by and in love with eliza ("a-ya-yaz," she called her) as a toddler than any of eliza's other little friends.

i do, my sweet friend. and thanks for asking.

because what preschoolers know is that it's not their fault if you're sad. it didn't enter my god-daughter's little head that asking me might upset me--and she was right, because it didn't. she didn't question whether she should ask or whether it was a good time or whether other people around us might be uncomfortable or any of the million other questions we adults ask ourselves before we introduce a potentially upsetting topic. and had i been upset--had i teared up or not been able to answer or whatever--she might have asked why just as simply, or perhaps she would have thought it the logical proof of my answer, "yes, i do get sad and i do miss her." uncomplicated. no more a difficult question than any of a million other questions she asks all day long.

"and He said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (matthew 18:3).


Ben said...

Thanks Daniele, this is precious.

Patricia Berman said...

Oh how many times I have wished I could be more like the children. So honest, so up front. Please God that this little one never changes and becomes "adult"

Meredith said...

Beautiful. I need to learn from her how to live in this world.