Sunday, February 7, 2010

of olympic proportions

it's amazing the things that bring it all back.

i saw a commercial a couple of days ago for the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics. this friday--and the olympic junkie in me gets a little tremor just thinking about it--will begin my favorite two weeks of television (rivalled only by the summer olympics, i suppose). it's been four years in the waiting, and i can hardly wait these last few days.

four years ago, i had it all planned out. eliza was due to be born on valentine's day, though having delivered luke five days early, i was sure eliza wouldn't keep me waiting all that long. the olympics were starting on february 10, perfect timing for what would no doubt be the very sedentary first few weeks of our baby's life. two-year-old luke, who watched very little television, would certainly be fascinated by whatever sport was on, and i'd have something to occupy me round the clock during long nursing sessions. my little girl was going to arrive just in time to be my perfect excuse for spending too many hours watching luge and ski jumping and snowboarding and of course every minute of figure skating coverage.

"the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry," said robert burns. indeed.

i didn't watch the winter olympics in 2006. at all. i'm not sure i saw one minute of ice dancing or curling or one human interest story about turin or apolo ohno or any of the rest of it that i love so well. because, of course, i was practically living in the nicu those weeks and many more to follow, where--windowless hell that it is--neither day nor night nor tuesday nor sunday nor winter nor summer is any different from any other day or week or month. olympics or no.

all of which came flooding back as i saw the commercial for this year's opening ceremonies. it's amazing the things that bring it all back.

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