Friday, July 31, 2009

seven quick bits...& just one more

  1. i read an article the other day by a mom who was lamenting that she wishes she were a "summer mom" but who has discovered that she's more of a "school mom". my favorite line went something like, "the best days of the year are the last day of school and the first day of school." i couldn't agree more. all that anticipation of summer vacation and all the fun is big...but is currently greatly diminished these days by school anticipation. bring it on.
  2. speaking of summer, who forgot to "roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of summer," anyhow? crazy, yes; hazy, yes; but, lazy? not so much.
  3. speaking of crazy, did i mention my new job? (part-time editor for marketing and communications at a local community college.) the job is not crazy, no. it's the thought that i actually have a skill that someone will pay me for. i'm not thinking that ought to feel so crazy, as once upon a time (not really that long ago) i had a real, grown-up, full-time job. but six years later, when all of my regular jobs are very much unpaid (though i think someone ought to pay me to clean the bathroooms), it's mind-blowing that someone will pay me to sit all by myself in a spacious, quiet office that's all mine and read stuff. really? are you sure? because i think i'd do this for free.
  4. speaking of space to myself, my dear husband has taken my threat to run away and start a new life to heart and is sending me off to a friend's cabin in the woods for a few days. by myself. with nothing to do. at all. assuming i don't get murdered or lost in the woods or kidnapped (i watch too much "law and order"), i have no idea what i'm going to do with all that space. read? write? i might even get started on eliza's baby book...which would maybe not be relaxing.
  5. speaking of eliza's baby book, a tip for the frugal: i just discovered that shipping on kodak gallery is free all the time now. a good time to make thousands of prints, maybe, which would be the first step in said baby book.
  6. speaking of the baby book, i don't want to make it.
  7. speaking of things i don't want to do, i'm wondering how, of all the things on my summer to-do list (clean outdoor storage closet, for example, or clean front porch), the only thing that has gotten done is moving the bulletin board from the kitchen to the "office" (aka upstairs hallway where the computer lives). time to start the fall to-do list, i guess.

& just one more: speaking of frugal, tomorrow is day one of life on a budget around here. it's about time. (target is going to be sorry.) i'll confess, though, that whenever i look into those online coupon sites or savings games or grocery blogs, i get very intimidated. if i can't even make progress on a summer to-do list, i'm not sure i'll ever be organized enough to keep up with those people. if only.

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