Friday, August 14, 2009

seven quick bits...& just one more

(blogging in dark hotel room without photo-editing software while happily-exhausted child slumbers away)

  1. driving to the beach in a rainstorm (by which i mean monsoon) is under-whelming, to say the least
  2. sitting on the beach in the rain is rather cold
  3. seeing millions (exaggeration runs in the family, ask anyone) of itty bitty silvery shiny fish jumping out of the waves right where you're swimming is kind of cool, even in the rain
  4. wondering if something that would like to eat those fish is inspiring them to jump gives you the shivers, especially when it's too cloudy and rainy to see what's underwater at all
  5. getting rusty is more likely than getting tan on a rainy beach
  6. children eat much more and much more happily on a pier overlooking the no-longer rainy beach than anywhere else
  7. children and sand and water go together better than anything i know (except maybe chocolate and peanut butter)

& just one more: grandparents (aka play-slaves) at the beach, in any weather: priceless.

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